Pick character during opponent search?

Pick your characters during the “searching for opponent”?

i don’t know, just my 2

I have no idea what do you talking about. But can you explain us?

  1. wait while servers find a ranked opponent to fight
  2. you both pick your characters
  3. pick stage and fight

why not …

  1. pick your character and stage while servers find a ranked opponent to fight
  2. fight

might be more complicated to code, but just a suggestion

But then you wouldn’t be able to counter pick, or goof around if you bump into a friend, or switch to your main if you bump into a top player.

Unless you’re in exhibition, you can’t counter-pick anways. You’re likely to meet a friend in exhibition or lobby mode, where you can choose a differenct character in subsequent matches, so that doesn’t really matter either. You’re likely to run into pros in ranked matches, where again, you can’t necessarily counter-pick or if you do run into them in other modes, then you simply change it up with the subsequent matches. :wink:

Personally, I think the OP has an excellent idea - the only question for me is whether or not the devs will be willing to do it (and my guess is that they won’t)…

sorry, never played exhibition. just ranked so didn’t know about counter picking.

and thanks for liking the ideas. yeah, seems the devs would’ve already thought of it … must be some technical reason why it’s worth doing.

I think the “default” selection in KI’s menus in general is kinda off. In the main menus and whatnot, when you back out of a submenu, the option for the submenu you were just in should be highlighted; and when you first enter character select, either the previous character you selected (which KI already stores for that gamer card), or a customizable default, character should be highlighted.

Nah, it’s perfectly possible to counterpick in Ranked - people just use the fight card as a proxy for what character their opponent will pick. I’ve had more than a few opponents see my Hisako card and pick Riptor, even though their last played character was Thunder or Jago or something. I’ve done the same to be honest - depending on my mood, if I see Riptor as your last played character, there’s a better than even chance that you’re going to be fighting my Sadira instead. It’s certainly not an 100% certain counter pick, but it works out to be a decent proxy I’ve found.

I think the “select your character ahead of time” idea is a fine one, but it’s not really a deal breaker or anything. In the SFV beta I found it kind of annoying after a certain point that I kept having to back out if I wanted to change my character. Overall I think it is a nice quality of life change, but if you like to play a lot of different characters then the current setup is probably preferable I’d think.

seems good i guess … imo type to try and master 1 character