Philosopher's Stone

Will Killer Instinct get involved with certain ancient artifacts like… The Philosopher’s Stone?

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funny enough we already has. mira our vampire has gauntlets that use alchemy based on the philosopher stone to turn her blood into liquid metal. most likely mercury as she has a mist attack that poison/applies a Dot on the enemy. maybe in season 4 when we learn more about the vampires we will get to know more about the stone itself. maybe the vamp king plans on useing it?


Since KI has a connection to our world.

They can explain the Philosopher’s Stone use for the Coven.

And did you all watch Sleepy Hollow? Season 4 has the Philosopher’s stone during George Washington’s time.

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I like where this is going.

BTW, Philosopher’s Stone? Harry Potter anyone?

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AND Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Any thoughts on how to bring out the stone into KI?