Phase 3 Pizza Place

So it’s time for Phase 3 at my Pizza Place! I know you guys really enjoyed Phase 1 and 2, so I’ll let you know what’s coming now.

To remind everyone about the previous Phases, with Phase 1 I had classic toppings like pepperoni and sausage, some vegetables… In Phase 2 I brought in some different things and some classic things, like old-world pepperoni, and kale. In Phase 3 I’m bringing in some oddities like frog legs and Halo-brand pepperoni. I’m hoping that will bring some more customers in. But you’ll get 8 more toppings total!

I know you guys really liked the different colored trays I got to put the pizzas on while you eat, but I’m sorta running out of colors. I got three more, and they’re kinda cool. One has the Halo logo on it. But instead of getting a full 8 more I decided to re-treat the ones I already have. They look different and I think they look better. And they’ll hold up to all the abuse the customers get them.

I know a lot of people wanted Eggplant and Garlic , and I may or may not be able to get them. They go bad easily.

Sorry about the trays guys, I’ve been busy trying to make sure all the toppings are good quality and can mix well with each other. This is really hard to do since I introduced the Ancient-Babylonian anchovies. But really the trays are just there to look at… You can’t eat them.

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