Pharroh's Combo Killers Week 5 July 1st!

Hey everyone! #ComboKillers will be back this saturday for week 5! Since shin sako has been fixed with the 3.8 we will finally allow her for tournament use! Yay!
Unfortunately Eagle will be banned being so new and possible bugs. We would like to wait to research him more before we can allow him.

1st Place will auto Qualify for our finale on Oct. 14th as well win a Rare Color 10 Spinal code from US Virus & Ultimate Source! Be sure to check them out on twitter to help support what they are doing for the KI Community @ShadowVirus916 & @UltimateToy on twitter.

Sign ups are here
Please sign up with your actual GT & read all info in the description to know whats going on for the tournament.

Also If you want to sign up on the wait list for the Fight Sessions KI Online Summer Series Tournament on 6/28 you can do so here 1st will win a $25 Xbl Gift card! #Hype! Check out for great FGC tournaments online & offline with esport news & more! :slight_smile:

As always Combo Killers appreciates all the support from the community and we ask if you know anyone new to KI or not please let them know about us. We always want to include more people! See yall Wednesday for the #FightSessions tournament

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Check in for #ComboKillers Week 5 starts at 3pm cst!
Tournament will start at 5pm cst.
this is a 32 man max double elim online tournament!

1st place will auto qualify for our finale Oct 14. & win a Color 10 Spinal Provided by US Virus and Ultimate Source!

Sign up & check in here
You must check in to secure your spot!
See yall at 5pm cst!

This is today? Ill def tune in at 5pm.
Good luck to everyone!