Pharroh's Combo Killers @ The Microsoft Store in The Woodlands Mall

Hey everyone, Here in The Woodlands Mall TX at the Microsoft Store we will be having a local KI tournament on April 29th 2-6pm cst.

This is a FREE entry tournament. No online registration is needed, Just come on down anytime before we start the tournament and we will get you taken care of. This is the first event thrown by the MS store so prizes & or swag are trying to be worked out but We will have Free food and snacks for everyone!

We are not sure if it will be a Double elim or Round Robin event right now. that will be decided the day of the event and based on #s of the event.

Since this is a Combo Killers event we will at the least have Certificates to our Top 3!

Stream will be provided by and twitch channel will be decided at a later time.

For more information please check out our event page @
Please share it around, let your friends know. Come join us and have some fun! April 29th 2-6pm cst.


Wow dude! Awesome job! I wish we had something like this in my area.

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Appreciate it man, This will be the 2nd Combo Killers offline event i have had. and basically will be my 6 offline event that I that i am running / TO. Where are you at @FallofSeraphs76 i thought you had a small scene

Nah man, Im the only player in West Monroe/ Monroe. I have NEVER met another player in person at any Gamestop, Game Mechanix, Comic book store (has small SFV tournys)… NOTTA ONE person that plays KI.
Now there is a group down in Baton Rouge but thats 4 hours away… same distance as Dallas TX for me.
I crossed one guy online that had our area code in his GT and I just guessed if he was from West Monroe in a message and he said yes, but he never responded again.

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@PCKPharrohYami I hope I can make one of these one day. My son is having a surgery next weekend, but I should be good for TX Showdown! Thanks for putting this on though, fa sho!

@FallofSeraphs76 If there’s a consistent FGC meetup near you, ask whoever runs it, if they dont mind if you bring a KI setup for those interested. You never know, people might take interest if you can be there consistently and they see what’s up! Peep this thread - Rep yo city! aka The how to grow your local KI scene thread!

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I understand what to do, but this isnt a big SF deal…its like 5 guys and they hate KI. Plus NO NE is interested.
Ive tried to bring MKX and KI… no one signed up.

dang! I hear ya. No one was interested in KI for like the first 3 or 4 times I went to this SF meetup either. They’d look at me like I was speaking another language. I just kept showing up, and when I finally got one person to show up, whether it was one of the sfv guys or just a friend, things took a turn for the positive. However, I was blessed to have met some folks at the first KI cup who happened to live in or near the Austin area. So we were always here just never were able to meet offline for one reason or another.

Anyway, I hope you get some offline KI action in at some point! Best to you bro.

@FallofSeraphs76 Dam man that sucks, Just keep trying man. Hopfully you can get something going.

@iDoMusic4Media No problem man! Take care of your family. Hope to see you at tx showdown.

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