Pharroh's Combo Killers 2017 Season!

Hey everyone. I know it has been awhile since yall have heard from me and im trying to be more active on the forums and all, This post is regarding to the 2017 season, i originally post all my info at our page here
Like i said im trying to be more active on the forums and get more of the community together etc, so ill be keeping yall updated here as well.

So i wanted to give yall an update on whats going on. I have been taking a break and working on some stuff on the side preparing things for the next season of Combo Killers. I will be back playing here soon getting ready for tx showdown but for now i have some news for yall.

I have set a Preliminary schedule up on dates for each tournament in the 2017 season. We are also cutting down the the amount of tournaments we are going to do this season from the last which had 23 to 15 including the Finale this year. We are also going to keep the same format we had last year with the points ( Similar to KIWC etc.) we are going to tweak it a bit but for the most part will stay the same. We are also doing the best we can to provide prizes but no confirmation until later notice.

Here is the preliminary schedule for the 2017 season. This is not the finale dates for all weeks! Some may change due to the possibility of offline events later in the seasons.
We will have more info running out over the next few weeks

14 week season and a Finale (15 total), Saturdays 5pm cst instead of 6pm cst.
Combo Killers 2017 Season
May 13th week 1 (Confirmed)
May 20th week 2 (Confirmed)
June 3rd week 3
June 10th week 4 (Confirmed)
July 1st week 5
July 8th week 6
July 22nd week 7 (Confirmed)
August 5th week 8
August 12th week 9
August 19th week 10 (Confirmed)
September 9th week 11
September 16th week 12
September 30th week 13
October 7th week 14
October 14th Season finale


@hyperpyro12345 @FallofSeraphs76 @ItzTymeToDul


Good job! I’ll definitely do what I can to help spread the news and enter the tournaments as well.
I too havent played much since KIWC…I’ve been obsessed with Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City, Shadows of mordor, and NIOH.

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Awesome, appreciate it man. Yea i have been way into another playthrough of mass effect lol. i need to get on the grind soon though, Texas showdown right around the corner. You coming? also ab8 doesnt have ki on the list yet but im hopful it will

Hey bro, I’m in!

@blandestjohn sorry what? what do you mean.

Like, I want to be a part of this.

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oh lol. just keep an eye out for info.

Not sure yet if we are going to TXSD but we really want too! Its hard to get someone to watch the kids for 3 nights and spend damn near 600$ for the entire weekend.

AB8 is a definite though. Its much closer and during a better time of the year for us to take off, ect…

We will see

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True True, Right now Absolute Battle 8 does not have KI on the line up and reg has been open for 2 days now… I am a bit concerned we wont make it @FallofSeraphs76

Well these TO’s leaving KI off the event is just stupid. Ive never understood why KOF, and some of these other games that literally no one plays here in the US is put on the card. They are boring to watch as well.


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@STLemonHunter @TheNinjaOstrich @STORM179 @SithLordEDP @SneerfulWater57 @Paramisery @DescartesTruth @Yperdaimonios @MHXadiranXV @MnTLetalis


I probably won’t be able to play in many of these. Personal life is getting really busy.


Yussssssss :wink:


Im interested, and very much appreciate an advance schedule. I can see a couple dates im definitely not gonna be able to possibly participate, but looks interesting.


Understandable @STORM179 If you can make one that would be awesome but life come first.

Nice @SneerfulWater57 It is cool if you cant make them all, i dont expect anyone to play in all of them but the support of the community is greatly appreciated.

I’m interested as well, especially now that I have weekends off.



The tournament is about to start! Check out the live stream at 5pm central!
@xSkeletalx @rukizzel Hey guys can we get a pinned post please?