Phantasy Star Online 2!

So I waited years for this game to come to the West. And then when I realized I could play it after I made a JP PSN, the translation wasn’t very good so it was hard to play. But now, it’s officially coming in Xbox!

Who here is down to play it with me!?


Thank God that Sega survey was worth it. Sega is back and listing to the fans again.

I got Switch and PSN accounts, so yeah, I am down to play this. Has been my favorite rpg for years.

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Unfortunately it appears it won’t be available in Europe according to a tweet from Sega. However if it’s anything like Onigiri then you’ll still be able to play it no problem.

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I believe it will come to the European region because I’ve seen MMO’s go through this when its not available in a certain region that means the developers are currently testing those servers as we speak.

i saw there is a PC version, i will be getting that one. i absolutely adored PSO1, it was so fun on the dreamcast

I played it a bunch on GameCube. Only beat Episode 1 though

my brother eventually got it on the gamecube as well, he had a force. around that time i wasnt living at home anymore, so i took the dreamcast with me

So obviously I haven’t kept up with this stuff at all.
My stupid question is… is this anything like Phantasy Star Universe aka PSU?
I wasted half my life on the 4th floor in that game with my friends. lol

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Personally I loved PSU but I am now so used to playing PSO2 that I only remember that I preferred PSU but not the exact details why :thinking: still the core is the same but PSO2 has grown a whole lot bigger over the years. Huge number of expansions…
Sorry if I’m not more clear but you can expect the same…but just more.

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