Pewdiepie: Tuber Simulator

Don’t let the name fool you, this mobile game is actually pretty enjoyable. You don’t have to spend money either to get far.

This game is practically a retro bit styled YouTube simulator based on how many views and subs you can acquire. So you make videos, get views during the time the video is up and you get subs when you finish. Views can buy you cosmetics for your home ranging from blowup dolls, tvs, consoles, etc. There are several cosmetics that range in player level and cost more views per level. Anyway there are several things to keep you occupied.

It has a mixed feel between the Steam game, YouTube Simulator and mobile game, Bitcoin Billionaire.

My room. I can be added if you search DaViiDx31 in “Connect with Others”.


Yes. Yes I did. XD

Keeping withe the flightless birds theme, will your next tag be “TheRoninPenguin”?

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