Performance test fails on any resolution and settings

I can not pass the performance test even on the lowest resolution and settings. I get 998 or so on each one. I also can’t find out how to add the game to Nvidia experience optimization games list to run downscaling to test that out. I can’t locate the game when attempting to add one.

Frustrating since I have a gtx 970 and i7 4790k and Samsung ssd.

I also have all the update windows and GeForce drivers.

It’s possible someone else is using your resources, virus’s can cause this or inadequate power supply, I had an issue a while back with my cpu throttling becuse I accidentally turned the pump down to 300 rpm when it’s meant to be 2200 rpm

750 watt corsair gold platinum 80+. It’s almost a fresh windows install and I’ve ran several scans. The cpu during the test only hits 55% usage. I have the 4gb 970 as well.

have you checked your gpu usage? maybe with msi afterburner or something? i’ve had issues with other gmaes where it just would not go into performance mode so gmaes were running on a 300mhz clock rather than the 1250mhz OC clock.

I saw some people have luck simply uninstalling and re-installing KI, couldn’t tell you why that would have any affect but they said they got proper passing scores afterwards.

And just to satisfy my OCD, a power supply can’t be both gold and platinum, and the 970 only comes in the 4GB flavor.

did you download the drives from nvdia

Don’t know why I put gold, it’s platinum. There are 2gb 970 variants, though. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try them soon. I’ll report back with the results.

That’s strange, I have pretty much the exact same spec PC (GTX 970, I7 4790k, and Samsung SSD). I imagine, judging by the rest of your specs, that you have plenty of RAM, but you didn’t mention it. Could that be your problem? My machine has 16 Gb of RAM along with the previously mentioned specs and I got over 1500/1000 on the test.

I have a 960 4GB, 8GB ddr3, i5 4690 and can get 1607 score with max settings at 1920x1080 on mine.

OP, are you running anything else besides vid card in PCIe slots? My thought there is that maybe it is another card stealing lanes from the video card.

16 gig memory as well. Nothing in the other pci express slots. The fact that lower systems are getting double my score is discouraging. I’ll try to re-install the game and fresh install the Nvidia drivers.

Well, I uninstalled KI and then reset the computer. Then the Nvidia drivers, and re-installed them via the clean install option, and reset the computer. I re-downloaded KI and installed it. I stil have the same 995 score. When I go to the lowest resolution and settings I only get a score of 998. My benchmarks for all benchmarking software puts me above the average for the same hardware. I get great results from demanding games like Black Desert Online on ultra settings, The Division, Fallout 4 and other numerous games.

I would really like to get the game to pass so I can play in ranked. I hope a CM can help me identify the issues. I dont know what kind of report they would want, but I can submit whatever they need to help get this rectified. My buddy has the same setup as my computer and easily passes. He has an Asus Z97 pro board and I have a Z97-A, that is the only difference between our systems.

Having the exact same issue. 998/1000 computer way more than capable of playing any other game.

I don’t pass because I use SLI to get performance out of my gaming laptop but unfortunately KI doesn’t see my SLI configuration. I have 2 GT 750m in SLI but I can only use one with KI. So I fail at around 799. Looks like I need to build a new rig :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s broken, they need to patch it. I also noticed when I click on the button to start the performance test the sound plays twice, might be helpful to devs, idk.

Well, its good to see other having some of the same issues. I hope that they can address this for us ASAP. I am patiently waiting.

Can’t play still. Been over a week now. Any update?

I tested on my old PC with a EVGA FTW GTX 960 2GB with 8gb of DDR3 and an i7 3770k @3.50ghz. In Max settings at 1080p, I got 1125. I even tried my Macbook Pro with intel Iris graphics with Windows 10 installed but that one failed at 499 on low settings. It’s weird a 970 cant handle this game but a 960 passed with flying colors

Bumping this topic as I’m having the same exact problems. The 998 score no matter what. I just installed KI onto a new pc as well.


Intel Core i7 4 Ghz 6700k
32GB Corsair Memory
MSI ATI Radeon 8GB RX 480

My old 1GB ATI Radeon 6850 was getting better scores than this too.

I remember reading somewhere that this happened to someone who finally figured out that the solution was uninstalling his Norton Antivirus. It might sound crazy, but maybe worth a shot?

Wait so it’s a problem with using a anti virus?