People talk about Mira, but

What would you actually want her to be like?

If you don’t know who Mira is, she is the twin sister of Maya who she trained along with to join the Night Guard, but who had to sacrifice herself to save Maya from an ancient evil.

I have seen people around the forum mention her and want her to become a playable character somehow, but how? And as what?

Post your ideas here. ^^

I think she would be a lot more interesting than a shadow version of an existing character - I hate clone/palette characters in fighters, so I would much rather have Mira be very different both in look and playstyle.

Considering Maya’s backstory described having to leave Mira behind, but not actually seeing her die, I think the story elements are there to have Mira survive, become twisted or corrupted somehow, and become the kind of thing she was trained to fight against.

If they’re going to add a vampire, I think she would make a prime candidate. Use the same skin/body design as Maya, but let her hair hang down and messy to show a feral side. Her armor ought to be very different as well - I personally would like to see an Underworld-style monstrous vampire, and to show her corruption properly I think she needs to be in a different pose than Maya, move differently, have different weapons etc. Necalli from SF5 has a few features which I would picture fitting with Mira, like his hair (which I don’t think can be fully replicated in KI’s engine) and his general stance, as well as Hilde from Soul Calibur…4 I think. A spear could make an interesting weapon as well, easily differentiated from Hisako because it could use pierce/poke style attacks instead of sweeps.

some people want her as the vampire of the game. She could be kinda like the Bloodrayne. But the big question still around. How Mira could become a vampire? Makes no sense storywise, right?

In Maya’s backstory, it’s explained that Mira was killed when the two went to slay an especially powerful monster. Supposing that monster was a vampire, there’s a good chance Mira would have become an undead, blood sucking minion.


As long as Mira doesn’t share the same stance as Maya such as how shadow Jago has the same fidget and stance as Jago

Definitely a different weapon
Most definitely different attire

Other than that, I feel she could share the same 3D model as Maya

I’d like Mira to be some sort of bitter zombie bride that hates Maya for condemning her to that fate.

Then in her ending Maya breaks the curse and Mira’s spirit is free and they love each other again blah blah…

Mira as the KI vampire. She might share Sabrewulf’s stage. Together, they might do their research for a cure for their cursed bodies. Sabrewulf :heart: Mira ?!