Peaceful Jay Streams

Does anyone remember back years ago when Peaceful Jay ran 24/7 streams of fighting games on his twitch channel? Or really just games for that matter. He hosted lobbies, and streamed on twitch all day. There was literally no point during the day you could go to his channel and there wasn’t something on.

I haven’t seen him in years. I just remember being lucky enough to play his Orchid back during season 1 one time. I still have a clip of it saved on my Xbox One.

I also remember at one time he had a stream of fish playing Street Fighter 2 where basically two fish in a bowl would activate button presses based on where they were on screen in nine sections of the tank. For some reason, it was hypnotically fun to watch. It was a stupid idea for sure, but so stupid it was hilarious. You wouldn’t think watching two fish duke it out would be that exciting. On top of that, the twitch chat for it was the funniest stuff I had ever seen.

No real point to this thread, just remembering good times and wondering if anyone remembers the same.

I totally remember the fish! I did not know I would cheer so much for a fish to win with Ryu. LOL

Yeah, seriously, you’d think from the twitch chat alone it was like you were watching USF4 Finals at Evo.

I just liked to watch his streams randomly. At the launch of SF4 and throughout most of MvC3’s time he always had something no matter the time of day and it was entertaining.