PCK's Holiday Havoc

Sign ups for #PCK’s Holiday Havoc on Dec 2nd are live now!!

Once again we back at it bringing yall more KI hype & action next saturday, Be sure to come join us no matter your skill level, we all start out somewhere & this is a good opportunity for some of the newer guys trying to make their way here.

We got Color Codes for Top 3! Provided by our good friends over @ Ultimate Source be sure to help support the guys that support us :slight_smile: ( Codes TBA soon, Codes only work for XB1 & Win10)

We are also going to allow steam users to join us this time.
Since Xb1 / Win10 can not invite steam user’s we ask that you communicate with us & sign up with the correct Steam Username so we dont kick you out of lobby thinking its a random joining in.

Here is the sign up link. http://challonge.com/PCKHH
Remember we only allow 32 man max so get that spot before it might be too late & you get put on wait list!

If you have any questions or concerns about PCK please feel free to contact us. Thanks.
Follow us @ https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/


Hey everyone, We are extremely happy to announce that #PCK’s Holiday Havoc will have a $120 prize pot! Thanks to a anonymous donor that wanted to help support the scene!

The Top 3 split will be 1st = 50%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%.
Major Shout out to our donor. You know who you are & We the KI Community Thank you for your generosity.

We will also have Color codes for Top 3 as well provided by Ultimate Source.

Come sign up & win some money!!!