PCK's 1 Yr Anniversary! Week 6 2017 Season

Hey Everyone! Rankings after week 5 have been updated.in our pinned post!

#ComboKillers Will be back this Saturday July 8th 5pm cst for some more great KI action!
This is a 32 man max double elim online tournament & its #ComboKillers 1 Year Anniversary!

1st place will auto qualify for our finale on Oct 14th and win a color 10 fulgore dlc code provided by US Virus and Ultimate source! Shout outs to them for providing some color codes & follow them on twitter @shadowvirus916 , @ultimatetoy

We are also going to have a special giveaway of this awesome Controller skin below.
Details will be announced at the beginning of the tournament on how to win and someone will win the KI General Raam Controller Skin later in the night!

You can sign up for Week 6 here, www.challonge.com/PCKW62017S

as always we ask you to share this around with any KI peeps you know that would love to come compete and help support KI.
Hope to see alot of yall there for the 1 Year Anniversary of Pharroh’s Combo Killers!


@FallofSeraphs76 @STLemonHunter @STORM179 @KevBones10 @EctopicILLusion @Chr0n0s312 @INDIxion @ZTRAINOVER9000 @Paramisery @iDoMusic4Media

@TYILeChatNoir @TDBLumiere @TDBManga @UACharbok @UAKALYPSO @UABass @TypodNano @Tyzo @SneerfulWater57 @SonicDolphin117

I will definitely tune in and share on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing some great matches.
Shinksako and Eagle banned?

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Shin sako is not banned but eagle is

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Why is he banned??

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I feel like that should be obvious.

  1. Buggy and crashes the game.

  2. Young character.


Oh yes, I’m agree with that.

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yes @KevBones10 , @SonicDolphin117 is correct on that.

Its Official! Today is #ComboKillers 1 Year Anniversary!
Come join us tonight to celebrate and get your game on!

Week 6 is tonight and we have a color 10 fulgore on the line for 1st provided by US Virus and Ultimate Source!

Sign up here www.challonge.com/PCKW62017S
Please read all info and rules in description.
Check in starts at 3pm cst, you must check in to secure your spot!
See yall a bit later!


Signed up! :slight_smile:

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Nice @KevBones10 NotUrMomma will be available in chat for you to let you know whats going on

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Ok. I’m looking forward to it!