PC version stuttering/tearing in Fullscreen

When I’m in fullscreen, Killer instinct regulrly stutters and tears every moment or so. Windowed mode works fine, but I’d like to have the whole screen being used. Is anyone else having this issue, and has anyone found a solution for this? I’m using an Nvidia 970, an 15 6600k, and no special gsync monitor.

I fixed it! It was coming from having DSR enabled in my Nvidia drivers. So if anyone else is having this problem, check that, yo.

DSR? Not seeing that setting. I’ve got a Titan X Black and I have horrible tearing. Not sure if it has to do with the settings being for 144hz refresh when I set the monitor to 60 to avoid the speed bug. NVIDIA control panel wont seem to accept changing from 144… The tearing is really terrible. :frowning:

I’m talking about Dynamic Super Resolution. But, it turns out I was wrong about that: It was actually f.Lux. Having f.Lux enabled at all was causing that stuttering and tearing. It had nothing to do with DSR at all, it just somehow fixed itself for a bit when I changed that setting. Whoops. :frowning:

The other thing I heard was causing tearing was gsync being turned on with gsync monitors.