PC version Multiplayer/Privilege denied


whenever I try to go online I get the message : Privilege Denied. Unable to access feature/mode. Please check your account settings and try again.

Do you need a subscription to play online?

Performance test : 1416/1000

How many matches have you played online so far? Have you quit any matches? Has anyone quit on you?

Haven’t played any matches. Got this message the first time I tried to go online.

That is strange. I will have a look around for you

My bad. Multiplayer was disabled in my xbox account. Changed it and now I can go online.

Could you tell me where exactly you had this setting to enable multiplayer in your xbox account? i am having the same issue and did not find that setting anywhere

  1. go to account.xbox.com
  2. select Privacy & online safety under xbox settings
  3. select ‘Xbox one Online Safety’
  4. check ‘allow’ under ‘Join multiplayer games’
  5. save

Thank you very much for the reply, it is activated already though, must be something else that causes this trouble. I’ve heard that especially FritzBox users have to edit some of the router settings to enable teredo traffic, need to look over that next.