PC version Input Lag during netplay

Hi people. I have both Xbox and PC hooked up to the same TV. I got 1200+ score in the performance test on PC (1080p all maxed out). The game performs flawlessly on PC when I play any single player mode, but in multiplayer there is a sgnificant input lag. It’s so much that I constantly drop autos and misstime tick throws… Basically unplayable. I figured it was against Xbox players since loading screen lasts 2 secs and than I have to wait on the black screen for the other end to load the game.

Oh I should mention that I use a Hitbox that I made myself using the X1 controller PCB, so I’m 100% compatible with both machines!

I had to switch to Xbox because of this problem. Since both devices are connected to the same TV I’m sure this an issue with the PC version of the game. Anybody had the same issue? Any solution coming from the devs?

I really want to play on PC… Everything is smoother, the menus don’t lag, 1080p is great, loading times are basically gone… Please fix this!

My PC specs:
i5 6600k OC @4,5Ghz
16 GB DDR4 ram @2400Mhz
MSI R9 390 8GB
SSD Kingston HiperX Savage 560mbps


Something is definitely off. While I’ve not tried playing on my PC using my TV - which I normally use for my Xbox - I have had a lot of timing issues. My PC’s diplay lag is surely less than my TV’s, but even that is sub 1 frame, so that’s not an issue. I also have a TE2 fightstick for both my console and PC, so what I think it might be is that the PC has a batter USB management interface and actually processes inputs faster rather than slower, but I will try to test this on my TV when I have a moment to be sure.

Yeah man it’s really wierd. It only happens in matchmaking. If I play shadow survival for example, there’s no input lag whatsoever!

What makes me think its a bug of sorts is the fact that both my PC and My X1 are on the same TV and both are connected directly to my router via Ethernet cable (my connection is very good, ping is 9-17ms, 100up/10down Mbps). When I play ranked on Xbox is perfect, when I do it on PC the imput timing is extremely off…

Haven’t tried Shadows in S3 yet, since Tusk is not available, but I will just to test this out. You have a very similar connection to mine, I’m also on cable in both cases, etc.

@CrazyLCD posted another thread today about issues with combo breaker timings; if this is on PC, which I asked in the other thread, it might be related.

This is not related in my experience. I’ve had LCD’s issue on console with air counterbreakers. I also play without input lag on both PC and Console using an X1 TE2 w/ cronusmax.

It’s very strange man, I’ll give it another shot tonight… let’s hope for the best