PC to XB1 version characters missing recently?

Sorry if this is a duplicate, i looked for a while, didnt see anything. So, purchased KI in march on my pc because i didn’t have funds to get an xb1 just yet. only did this because it was compatible with xb1. Plays just fine until about 4am today, 7/20, when i only have the 8 original season 1 characters unlocked, and rash (free). closed the game and restarted; nothing. cycled xb1; nothing. cycled internet; nothing. uninstalled and reinstalled; nothing. XB customer support says i need to purchase supreme edition and shadow jago on xb1 then they’ll refund my money. thats a no go for me, i have two kids and expenses. Cant wait 3 days to get refunded money i shouldn’t have to spend in the first place. Any suggestions or fixes for this???

I have no direct information but others have posted this morning about their KI Gold having disappeared; I’m not home to check on my PC or console but I have a feeling it’s a server-side problem causing both issues.

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Guess I’ll wait it out til Friday I guess. Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate that.

Just to confirm, if i have PC version i do not need to buy the game again to play it at xone, right?

I have a similar problem. I bought season 3 combo breaker edition on PC, but now that my PC is down, I tried playing it on my XBox. However, All of the season 3 characters, except Rash (free), are grayed out. Only season 2 characters+Shago can be selected. I hope it is a glitch on XBL.

This gives me goosebumps. Actually i play on pc but i will buy a xone S soon, wish this is a glitch also because I’m not expecting to buy everything again to play on xone.

They said it was cross buy. Meaning buy on one available on the other as well. Which us why u purchased it on PC. Xbox support told me licenses aren’t transferring even though I’ve been playing it on xb1 since April just fine. They don’t have a clue what’s wrong. They want me to purchase it on xb1 and they’ll refund my money. I don’t have funds to do that. So I’ll be waiting til eyedols patch to see I fits fixed.

You don’t have to buy it twice, buy it on pc own it on xbox, and vice versa

I know this. Apparently xbox customer support has no idea what they’re talking about. I told them that. Still insisted on me purchasing and receiving a refund. So, I’ll purchase Friday if it’s not fixed for 60 dollars, and take the refund. I only. Paid 51 dollars for it in March. It was on sale. So thanks for the 9 bucks Microsoft.

Are you signed out from your pc? Try turning it off and make sure your xbox is set as your home console

Yeah, pc was off since I installed on xb1. Xb1 set as home as well.

Might be xbox live issues, since for some of us the ki gold has disappeared

Think this will be fixed soon? Or does xbl/ig not really care? I mean I spent money on this. Ya know?

I haven’t access to my Season 2 content for past couple of weeks on the same PC I usually play on. Not sure why it stopped working all of a sudden.

Seems to be fixed in the Eyedol update.

This is happening to me sometimes too in the last 2 days. All season 2 and 3 characters locked and I have to reset the game.