PC technical issue - in controls options section, pressing enter to rebind a key binds "enter" instead of displaying a prompt for key rebind

Copy pasted from Reddit for visibility (I have read that it’s not the best place for technical assistance), also not sure if “General” cathegory is good enough as I did not find any other cathegory that would relate to technical issues as much as this one.

I have had this issue several months ago and came back to see if anything has changed (back then I decided I’m not going to play a fighting game yet anyway). The issue is - whenever I press “enter” as I’m prompted to do so to rebind a key on my keyboard, it binds either an “enter” key or any of the numpad keys for some reason, as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhTstHsbjO8&feature=youtu.be . As you can see in the video, a key is remapped with no “press a key” prompt and it sometimes even skip a few lines at once instead of going to the one that is directly below.

I tried:
-unbinding all the keys and restarting the game
-unplugging my xbox 360 wireless receiver
-reinstalling the game (multiple times)
-making sure I downloaded neccessary windows updates
-a few things I could forget, except contacting microsoft support (in fear I waste 30+ minutes of getting redirected back and forth from xbox support to windows support as it happened with Forza Horizon 3 on PC already and I still had to solve the issue myself)

Rebinding on X360 controller works fine but I cannot stand the d-pad for fighting games + having to use trigger/shoulder buttons for normals is a pain for me. Also no money for Arcade Stick yet unfortunately, although I plan on buying one. I cannot find the exact issue I’m having anywhere on the internet, been browsing through several times and I still could not see any answer. If anyone had the same issue or just knows how to solve it, let me know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

Also note that I haven’t had such an issue in any other game, just this one. There may be a double enter press happening or something, but again haven’t had that in any UWP game or any game in general.

Bump. This is making me unable to play the game. Any chance I could directly contact the developers about the issue instead of fiddling with Microsoft support ? Please, I just want to play the game. and default keybinds make it close to impossible to do on my keyboard.

I have no idea what happened, but it is working now. If that was not caused by me fiddling in the settings menu, but by your fix, then thank you !