PC - "Sign in Status Changed"

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So I start up my game to get my daily goodies, only to be greeted with “Sign-In Status Changed”. I get booted back to the start screen, load it up and now it won’t let me sign in at all, it’s just an endless loop of “Press enter to login, login failed”. I’ve tried restarting my PC, changing the way Xbox services works and restarted my router countless times. Is there a known fix for this or am I going to have to reinstall or refund the characters I bought?

Same problem here, it happened today

Same error here. All I can think is that I logged onto my friends Xbone yesterday to play injustice 2 with him. Anyone find a solution yet?

i am getting this also, i have no clue why

tambem nao consigo entrar

I have the same issue

i have the same issue today. how to fix this?


Same issue here!

my too on pc it happen today but my xbox one sign right in an I play I hope they fix the problem because ppl pay they money on the game

Has anyone resolved this yet? I got a new stick today and was keen to give it a whirl.

Yep having same problem. Haven’t played in ages either :frowning:

Same here, dunno why.

Hello, I from uruguay and I have the same problem today, please fix it y pay like the others for the game this cant be.

Man, also today…I was hopping to spend the weekend playing KI…Cause I work all week and only can enjoy the game on the weekends

I found the solution. Just open the XBOX app on the pc, go to the settings, click network there and make sure that it is connected to xbox mupltiplayer. Mine was doing the same, and in this app in this section it showed how to fix that.