PC Purchase Question: Combo Breaker Pack (Disc)

Hi. Does anyone know if the season 1 combo breaker pack (8 characters plus TJ) work with KI on PC if one does not have an Xbox to activate it? Or is the physical package with disc ONLY for Xbox owners and not really cross-buy? A better question perhaps is that does the package come with any code where I can input somewhere to activate it without the need for an Xbox to insert disc? Thnx.

Sorry, the physical disc version is not cross-platform. If you can log onto KI on any Xbox with your account before booting up the PC version, you should be able to get whatever is linked to it, in this case the Combo Breaker pack.

I also had the combo breaker disc and I loaded up the xbox one version and linked my account to pc but my season 1 characters still don’t show. I have all the season 2 and season 3 characters but none from season 1.