PC port missing textures (Kan Ra only)

Hi community and devs, I have a small problem with KI on PC at the moment. Kan Ra is missing graphical textures on his mummy wraps. They look completely black on his arms without any texture at all. It’s kind of annoying, everytime you hit someone with a command grab their body turns into this giant black block. I don’t have a snapshot at the moment but will be uploading one soon. Any idea whats happening? I uninstalled the game and installed it, even tried messing with my graphics card settings.

Am I the only one that is having this issue or is it a widespread thing? @developers




This is very old and well documented. Happens w/ some other characters too, albeit far less noticeably. TJ’s head is prone to this as well, his beard and Santa accessories trigger it randomly.

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This have been the reason why I don’t play it on PC for a while now, considering Kan-Ra is my main lol.

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Thanks for the responses. Really appreciate knowing the fact that it’s not an error on my behalf. I figurd my drivers went bad or the gpu. Seems like it’s a pc port issue then.

If thats the case im sol, I don’t own an xb1.

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I think it’s things like these that keep this game from becoming bigger. The bugs are really starting to pile up. I personally don’t mind but I’m sure many people would be put off by continuous bugs and a skeleton crew that can’t keep up with the bugs piling up.

They fix and patch one thing and 10 new bugs happen. How is it possible to keep developing a game if every time you take a step forward you take 2 backwards? At this point i’m starting to believe some of these bugs cannot be fixed, that they genuinely don’t know how to fix them.

Just bad , shoddy programing all around.

I dunno, people play SFV and they transitioned competitive seasons w/ 1/4mil on the line without fixing the Urien fullscreen throw bug.

I think KI players are just way more dramatic, and often new to fighting games, compared to virtually everything else. It likely has to do w/ the fact that they know the devs are listening, so they make a huge fuss out of every miniscule inconvenience. And this element of the playerbase drives others away from the game, thinking it’s unplayably broken.

TLDR - KI players keep the game from growing, not minor graphical bugs. Just bad, shoddy personalities all around.

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