PC online play doesn't work anymore

When the game came out I could play online with others just fine. But in the last week or so I haven’t been able to play a single match. When I try to search for a lobby I get this message:

Couldn’t start multiplayer. Unable to start multiplayer match. Please try again.

Nor can I play ranked or exhibition. I get a somewhat similar message as the above.

I can play SF 5 online just fine for instance.

Anyone else have this issue too?

First I was not able to play multiplayer match until I found that I have to turn on windows firewall. I don’t know why is that but try to find something specific to microsoft security uncontrollable. It’s happened from the beginning, not after the patch. You should try some setup.

It never worked for me. I think I have played 20 or so online (ranked/exhibition) matches since the PC release, because the game either crashes when searching for a match or it takes so long to find an opponent, that the game gives up and prompts me back to the previous menu.

This game is great, the netcode is amazing, but sadly I still can’t play it online :confused: