PC in offline-mode: no fighters available , still no answer?

Hi, i buy ultra edition for season 1 and 2 in xbox one.
i sell my xbox.
Now i have a pc.
I log with my account in pc.
Online all work perfect!
But i cant fix the offline no fighters available. :unamused: :pensive: :sob:
please, someone can help me?
I want to buy season 3, but i refuse to do until my problem be fixed.

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If Wi-Fi is not available, use your cell phone to tether. That’s it bro. No one, at least that I know of, has gotten an official answer from a MS or IG response.

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They actually changed something. If you start KI offline you will now get this message:

Also only Jago is available to play. Up to this point, I had Killgore, Riptor and Shin Hisako available offline.

This doesn’t change the nature of the problem…
People will understand in a few years.

That’s cool that they changed something. That could be a step in the right direction if ultimately they will allow our characters that are already on our systems to be accessed.

Can you elaborate on this not changing the nature of the problem? Are you saying basically if servers ever go down, we won’t be able to play KI with all the characters we own unless they make a real change that doesnt require the characters to be “unlocked” by a certification check?

I hope we can at least get basic offline play when that dreaded day comes for the servers to be turned off…

Basicly :slight_smile:
Here’s a little History lesson:

Xbox Live 1.0 released 2002 killed 2010
games for windows live released 2005 killed 2014

How long will we use the current version of Xbox Live? Nobody can tell, but as soon as it’s gone There won’t be any Killer Instinct…not online and not offline.

Considering that you can still play games like Halo 3 on the 360, I think KI’s going to be fine for a pretty long time.

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I hope we’ll be good. For Halo, did you have to download every character to enjoy offline play?

You had to download the DLC map packs to play them offline…

I was just talking about the servers letting us play online… Honestly I don’t know what to tell anyone about the PC version not loading characters. As far as the PC version not working offline…I dunno what’s up with that. My guess would be Xbox’s “play anywhere” initiative is likely set up similar to Super Mario Run where they want it to be online all the time to check DRM on the game.

DRM. I like the play anywhere. But offline for some but not all sucks. But I can see MS keeping their servers up for quite some time as now more than ever we are internet dependent and there’s so much integration with Win10, Xbox App, etc.

Yes but for example you can’t play PSO or download any DLC on the original Xbox and you can’t play Halo 2 on PC unless you crack it…
Im not saying Xbox Live will be shutdown tomorrow, but at some point they will move on, and its sad that games with offline singleplayer require you to be online.

And Windows has this feature, so why not taking use of it:

Try resetting your computer’s date and time, and to account for daylight savings. Worked for me.

you mean you can still play offline after the last update?


doesn’t work for me…still looks like this:

Unfortunately I’m not tech savvy enough to be of real help. Every patch I reset my computer’s date and time, and play offline no problem. Soz.