PC DLC Question

So here’s my question, in order to buy fighters or seasons all together on the PC port (I don’t own an Xbox One), would I need Xbox Digital Currency or Windows Digital Currency? Or would either one work to get the content for the PC version? I just don’t want my wife to waste her Bing Rewards credits or my Listia credits on the wrong thing and it end up not working to get certain content.

There is no Microsoft currency, they retired that some years ago. Now you just use your credit card or you can buy prepaid cash cards at just about any store.

I know about the points being retired, I’m talking about if it has to be an Xbox cash card or a Windows cash card via Bing Rewards and the such.

You can use the bind rewards credits to get one of those Windows Store gift cards, that translates as currency in thes store. Whenever I try to purchasr something on the Xbox and I have currency in the Windows Store it uses that first and then charges me extra for the remaining money I still owe with a real credit card. I assume the same to be true on the PC version.

Oh, I was unaware that Windows had its own card. Though since its all tied together I would think an Xbox gift card would work, just redeem it on the Xbox.com site and buy the DLC via the Xbox store. I’m not a PC player so I don’t know exactly how it works but I would think that would be okay since its all cross-buy.