PC Crossbuy issue thread

For my case specifically I do not have any Season 1 or Season 2 unlocks, I only have the Season 3 Ultra Edition. I have purchased the Ultra Editions for S1 and S2, on my Xbox One and played S3 on Xbox One before launching PC as well. So for sure I do have my Save file. Any way to fix this?

My brother actually had this problem on X1, but it was just that the game had not finished downloading. It appears to download the new characters first and then updates the old ones. Sadira was the last holdout…

X1 and PC being two different platforms, my X1 is fine it has all my Characters, PC however does not for reasons I cannot explain. The Tweet includes photo evidence.

Hi, first post. But I have exactly the same problem. Only the S2 content is showing up, S1 and 3 are somehow missing.
I am reinstalling all my XB1 content, and restart the game, see how that goes.

Told Keits about it in a stream chat, was told to tell Rukari or Xbox Support. Went to Xbox Support twice and Xbox Support told me to go back to Keits & Rukari. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s the weirdest solution ever.

I am having the same problem and reported it in the bug thread. Why would having the firewall off cause KI to not recognize your ownership of S1 and S2 content? And how did you figure this out?

Well, I reinstalled everything on the xbox as well on PC, turned off and on the firewall, but it didn’t solve it for me.
Oddly, now I can only access my S1 content, and my S2 and 3 are now locked…

Yep, Keits told me to talk to support. Xbox support sent me to Windows 10 support - spent a good two hours with two individuals who checked everything - it is not on my end. They don’t have a clue.

Xbox told me to go back to Keits, now magically I have everything, I’m guessing migration is lagging super hard?

Nah, they rolled out a fix about 3 hours ago.