PC Bundles

Hello, i just downloaded the game and and i want to play it but i dont really understand the real value of the bundles. I was thinking between Season 1 & 2 Double Combo and the Supreme Edition. Is the supreme edition really worth the extra €20? Thank you.

It’s up to you what you want to do with your money, obviously, but if you’re getting into KI I would think the Supreme bundle is easily the best deal, considering you get all three Season’s worth of content, which only excludes Shadow Jago.

Remember that we still have four months of additional content to be released as we go, including four more characters.

I played a couple of weeks only with the free characters and then bought the Double Combo Pack and Rash Single. Not too much money for a Genre I’m trying to get into. And more than enough Characters to play with friends on the couch.