Patch Notes today?

Patch notes and bug fixes coming today? Hope so.

Hope there are a few balance adjustments to make things even better. (Looking at you Kim Wu)


I had no clue.

Cant wait!

Thanks for posting.

I’m actually excited for some bug fixes, changes, and elbow grease.

level 4 ender toggle is my big thing. it interrupts the awesome musical transitions! gotta get that hype to overload during a match


I’m excited to see how Rash is going to get nerfed.


did it fix the tedeor thing so people can play online on windods 10

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Inb4 no nerfs to anyone and people complain.

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I would like to play a match before it disconnects. Plus I hope it was the “ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” announcement fix.


Kiets is still getting over his stomach flu but he finished the notes:

“Still feeling sick, but just finished polishing up the 3.1 patch notes and sent them off. They’ll be up today.”

He posted that on Twitter about 3 hours ago.

The “ULTRAAA!” announcement is my biggest issue


Oh and the Stage Ultra announcements too, lets not forget about those!

Next patch should feature marking tbaggers as ayssholes so everyone could see it.


I was waiting for this to be a joke;

“Still super sick, but don’t worry, I got all those nerfs out cast-wide for you guys! GO TEAM!”

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I think Stage Ultra announcers are here to stay in their current form. They tried to match Mike and came up short on delivery.

I just want my ULTRAAAAAA back!

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Serious patch notes when? Usually its the day b4