Patch notes today.?

Isnt it supposed to come 1 day before the patch?

shrug who knows.

Lemme see if I can wrangle them for you all!


I’ll be impressed if you do - you’re @ Combo Breaker, no?

Holy crap I just realized Gargos is coming out tomorrow. Been playing too much DOOM to noticed lol.

While your at it wrap up that trailer!
Pretty please

Correct - but this is life on the road. Currently sitting at IG, though. So there’s hope.

Ha wouldn’t that be nice.


I hope it prepared you for the butt violation that we may all be in for.

I’ve killed many demons. I can kill another lol

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Especially since most of the guys who have played have probably gotton very good with him now.

Guess what… I came through for once. And on the same day, no less!


Thanks mate.

Still kinda irks me that they’re cutting stuff from characters only to give it to others, Spinal lost his meter leaching for some reason then what do you know Gargos can steal meter AND consume his minions to gain instinct. Now Glacius’ ranged doubles that are easy as hell to break in the first place are now being nerfed so he doesn’t overshadow Gargos’ ranged attacks as if they both need to be on equal footing in that regard.

Spinal lost strength in his curses due to the mask. While gargos does gain meter shadow it’s not alot. And it can only be done from the grab.

Hour late but…

Rukari with the save! Woo!

So why do the the characters release around 10 am instead of midnight? Is it incase something happens or goes wrong during the roll out?

You literally just responded in a thread where I answered that question two posts about yours.

What? Do you mean you answered it two posts above my question?