Patch Notes


I thought I was going crazy when I kept getting disconnects and saw a patch update after being knocked back to dashboard. Glad to see the game is getting full support for Series X. Would love a sequel though…

Thank you for the quick notice.

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It isn’t just support for next-gen! As of today, it’s possible to play Killer Instinct on mobile with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Just in case you’re looking for a new challenge. :grin:

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I like challenge but mobile touch controls might be a tad far…

Thank you though!

It really is awesome that Killer Instinct is still blazing trails by adopting new Xbox tech before other games, and I’m looking forward to the day I can play on the Xbox Series X and my iPhone!


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Hello, Players, Devs and new comers I would like to ask the Devs is their any chance in some future patch we can be able to choose our shadow varient for example. The shadow effect right now is the purple smoke around the character and as a new player I never had the chance to experience the shadow effect with the character blob behind him/her

Thanks for the quick notice as well.

Unfortunately, the game has reached a development standstill. Killer Instinct hasn’t received any content or performance updates in several years, save the update dropping today to enable new platform functionality, and is likely not going to for the foreseeable future.

At this point, we are more likely to see a sequel, and even that is highly unlikely, before any content updates for this title. Basically, this game should be kind of considered in a “final” balanced state. Still, while the game hasn’t received any updates in years, it remains populated well beyond its final update, and matchmaking still creates games fairly quickly. A real testament to the staying power of the game’s playing style, design, and netcode.


Ok, not to be that guy, but if I take off my conspiracy helmet I hear the distress signal Ultratech used to trick Glacius into visiting Earth:

A) Wait, wait, wait- Did Killer Instinct really need a 3.4GB patch to make it compatible with the Xbox Series X/S?

I’m seeing all kinds of tweets that celebrate how the Backwards Compatible Team managed to make everything non-Kinect playable on the Series X/S, but did Halo 5, Peggle 2, and Enter the Gungeon (and tons and tons of other games) get patches too?


B) By the way, was I the only one who noticed that this lovely 3.4GB update was presented to us by the “Killer Instinct Team?” In 2020, who IS the Killer Instinct Team? What do they do?

C) Where is the Sharkman? :shark:

I can’t be the only one with questions, right?


I’m really scared to update the game.
I’m on Xbox One standard and I can’t imagine any support if something get messed after the patch…

Hey pal- No worries here, I am on the Day One edition of the Xbox One as well, and I updated to, and the ONE thing I noticed that isn’t 100% working as intended is Shadow Survival mode.

When I launched Shadow Survival, I got a message that noted that Shadows could not be retrieved from Ultratech servers, and pressing B would not allow me to back out into the main game; this soft-locked KI and I had to restart the game. Perhaps Shadow Survival has been broken before yesterday, but you can fight online and play every other single player mode with no issues. I hope that helps, @zerowhitemonkey!


Thank you for the feedback.
“Luckily” I started hating the survival shadow mode the instant they made all characters purple. Worst decision in history.
Sorry to bother again but…to be absolutely clear, can you confirm that other multiplayer and single player modes are working (vs cpu, arcade mode) for you?
Thank you @MasterZenek !

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Hopefully KI runs smoother than before. I’m going to be the smart one and “hopefully” get a chance to play KI at a Microsoft shop in my local mall as a test.

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I’m still waiting for Kan-Ra Ultimate. Ultimates for everyone!!!

While it would be cool if everyone had been given Ultimates (preferably ones of much better quality), I find it unlikely at this point, unfortunately.

Is there any point to download the upgrade if I don’t have an Xbox X and just a One? Or is that not even an option and it’ll download automatically?

It will auto-download, it’s a mandatory patch.

It shouldn’t hurt anything, even if you’re on a base Xbox One. You shouldn’t notice any difference.

Glad to see this game still getting some love.


Will there be any patch for PC with a fix for shadowlords?