Patch Ideas (Example: Gargos Special Power in Shadow Lords)

Hey there, i would like to share Ideas, i always felt bad since in Shadow Lords, Gargos has no Buff, i mean the Gargos you can play, as well as other Characters could they get Effects please? Like Eyedol, some unique Effects for a Shadow Lords Playthrough, would be cool if you could play the Boss Version of Gargos or with a hidden Cheatcode… That would be cool! And complete edited Mimic\Shadow Skins? It feels uncomplete. AND FIX GARGOS he is doing that Minionspamming/HardcoreCheating again, it isnt a shadowlord if he breaks ■■■■ and literally hacks your way out.

Eyedol does have a passive boost in SL. I think its that he’s immune to Gargos’ minions and portal punches(?).
Also, Tusk cannot die unless he loses to Gargos.

What he is saying is that he wants playable Gargos and other characters to have a passive ability like Eyedol, Tusk, amd Mira do.

Personally I trying think that those character passive abilities would have been better if they were just items that did not expire. This way Amy character could use them. Right now it just looks like a test idea that is unfinished.

I couldn’t agree more mate and yeah I would love the Gargos you play as get the shadow lord buff and its a random effect but it changes every few turns.Yeah Gargos boss version is real cheap and annoying but I would like to play as him or have his powers mainly with that instinct break away.

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And omen projectiles