Password system for lobbies/exhibition

So in the current state of things, Steam players and Xbox players can’t directly invite one another. That’s fine, it makes sense, you can’t type in a Steam name in XBL and expect it to show up.

I would really appreciate a workaround, though. Passwords and PINs are fairly common in other fighting games, and would do a much better job of getting people where they intend to go than the (frankly limited) parameters that lobbies currently have.

I’m helping to plan some online tournaments in the near future, and the logistics of getting people into the right lobbies cross-network currently seems inefficient. It’d be nice to have the assurance that a password brings.


I would love that, it’s kinda annoying to open a lobby for a friend and strangers start coming instead of the friend.
And the strangers start leaving immediately because i guess they have the same issue.

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This really would help! :slight_smile: