Own Supreme Edition ... New characters not available

Killgore, Shen Hisako and eagle aren’t available for me to play nor even buy( it gives me an error but only for these 3 characters I just bought shadow jago and it worked fine )
I actually just learned that I’m eligible for the 3 characters since I checked this link:

I really can’t find a place to contact anyone to help me with killer instinct technical problems so thought here I might have a shot… HELP!

Where does it say you get the 3 additional characters in that Microsoft store link?

They are listed in “In this bundle” section and I actually can’t buy them even.

Ah I see them now. I wasn’t too sure if the bonus characters were just part of the definitive edition and not the supreme but it appears they should be for both. Which is why you can’t complete a purchase of them.

I do remember seeing something on the forums a couple of days ago that they should unlock for every one over the next few days. The unlock tied to these characters was something that was rolling out. Hope you get them soon. If not, hopefully one of the Dev team can chime in.

I hope I’m not bothering you but where is this news?
cuz it’s a timed “problem” then I can just wait and see. but in my mind i need an ETA.

Yeah its still a work in progress getting the free characters out into the wild fro certain owners or particular editions. But the news you are looking for is in the Steam announcement thread.

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3rd of October and still no free access to Eagle :frowning:

Funny enough i was not aware of them becoming free to begin with … I knew about it because I was gonna buy Eagle but the store prevented me and gave me an error … and if i try signing out from the store and xbox it gives me another messages that says"you already own it"…I don’t know if i should be sad that it didnt just take my 25 ron or happy :smiley:

Same here, I can’t buy Killgore, Shin Hisako or Eagle (Error) but I can buy Shadow Jago fine.
Kind of a strange situation…