Overshield Ender?

So I’ve noticed if I pop Overshield in a combo it looks cool, but isn’t an ender.

Just wondering, what if you could use it as a shadow ender to blow the opponent away and cash out potential damage? Even if it doesn’t do any extra damage on top, it would leave you about full screen with a shield as opposed to his other enders that leave you close.

You’d basically be spending a meter for a “free” cashout since I imagine it wouldn’t be breakable, but with none of the follow-ups available to other enders.

Plus, like I said, it would look cool. And isn’t that what’s important?

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Could maybe work as a wall-splat ender, but like Mira’s grab it does no damage because you end up with an Overshield and distance. Whether it should cash out or not is an interesting question.

That could work, but with potential to follow-up it might be a bit much to get a “free” overshield and extra damage, command throw on top would be mean.

Maybe my idea could be a “blowout ender” so it doesn’t cause wall splat. You end with it, the combo’s over.

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this would be probably really nice.
you want potential damage cash-out, shield and repositioning with one shadow meter.

at the end of the day you can make any ender. put grenade and charge shield while opponent is knocked down.

Wouldn’t this ruin his ability to make his lunges safe with overshield since if they hit you’ll get opener ender wheras right now you’re at an advantage whether they hit or get blocked.

Hadn’t thought of that. If they’re blocked it’d behave the same though wouldn’t it? And if they get hit by the shield activation they get knocked away as it currently is, just further. Still safe? Maybe?