Outlook/Hotmail isn't secure?!?

I opened my hotmail page and it was blocked by Google, saying the site was insecure or something. Anybody have the same issue? I’m really worried about what’s going on here.

OH one more thing, when I went and accessed my email through my sky-drive It was secure after that…maybe it was a fluke?..IDK…

Someone most likely tried to hack into your account. It happens, no matter what online service you use. Just regain your password and you should be good. Maybe make a secondary e-mail address where you can have your new password sent.

I just reset it. Hopefully it will work. Damn I’m so scared right now >_<

Change your password to something that a hacker won’t be able to crack so easy with another devise that does not have your personal information. And another thing, make sure you never make your browser to remember your login credentials.

I talked with my friend about about it, he also said it might of been a false positive connection error. Either way I went ahead and changed my password and did everything I needed to do.

Well, I did read something recently that Chrome may not support certain types of email accounts after Feb 8th. Google that.

Also, as far as security, try 2-step verification if you can. It’s just a helpful extra step.

There’s an app for smartphones that creates a random key making harder for hackers to invade your outlook account. I think its called azure authenticator. Its from microsoft themselves.
I can’t recall the correct name sorry.

It’s just the Microsoft authenticator app. They dropped the “azure” part a long time ago, but it’s part of the 2-step verification thing I mentioned. I’ve been using it a long time now, and I change my password frequently too. Really good and reliable. Google also has an app that does the same thing for gmail accounts as well.

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Web developer here.

No one has hacked you. The site is trying https traffic but no longer has a valid certificate.

Google Chrome is just saying “hey, the URL is telling me the traffic will be encrypted, but I can’t confirm this”

Basically, your mail is fine. The site you are using to access it has an issue with their ssl certs.

That being said, you should still avoid the use of any site where you enter a password and it isn’t ensured that your traffic is encrypted. Once again, this is an issue with the site. So just use an alternative mail client.

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I see, well that explains alot of things, well at any rate, It was likely an error but at any rate, thank you for letting me know.
I recently checked it out and it says the thing is back to being secure and https again, but beyond that, yeah. Thank you.

Now that I think about it, the last time I got an error message of “your connection is not private” from Google Chrome was when I was using the email for school. I think that was because the IT people were working on it though but it was fixed up right after. Either way, it is not a plesant thing to see.