Other gargos designs and suggestions

I’m sure retro gargos will look something like this:

However, his new design looks alright and I kind of like it, as it reminds me of onaga from mk deception:

but I think this one looks just as good or even better:

That last one needs thicker muscle mass though, bigger wings and he’d look awesome.


Actually, this would be a good idea for omen if he got a new costume:

This could be his new look, with his current look becoming his retro costume.


honestly I really like the tail on this design, makes me wish official Gargos had one.

I’m agree with you. But his legs are too skinny…

His redesign is probably the best of the returning KI cast IMO. But his retro could look like the one from the Shadow Jago instinct activate.

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The redesign they showed for Gargos is pretty good to me. I feel like it carries a real sense of authority, I can’t quite explain it. I also like that his face has a subtle resemblance to Jagos’ mask.

That is how i wanted Mira to look – a monstrous vampire bat instead of a typical humanoid vampire :frowning:

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Same here.

I’ve noticed that too, it’s a nice reference.