*ORIGINAL CHARACTER* Azenath - Chaotic archtype FINISHED


with the new forums active, i thought i’d repost my idea for a character.

In the lore, Azenath was a pharaoh in ancient egypt with a lust for power, studying and creating forms of Black Magic, he used this power and abused it to rule over his people with an iron fist.

Desiring more power, he had his people build him a pyramid with a magical Siphon that would store magical energy for him to absorb, but even this was not enough, he was still aware of his mortality, no matter how much magic he had, so he began researching on holy artifacts hoping to find a way to ascend to Godhood, in his twilight years he finally found the location of a known holy weapon, the Spear of Destiny.

He ordered his people to find it and retrieve it so he could utilize the magic imbued in the spear in hopes to gain godly immortality, when his people returned with the spear, decades of abuse from their king had taken its toll, they used the spear to impale Azenath to his throne.

This was their undoing, with the blood of divines stained on the Spear now coursing through his system, Azenath absorbed the holy magic and took the spear, with the combination of his black magic and the godly magic, his mind became twisted as well as his power, he slaughtered the betrayers, and then assumed a form “worthy of a god”, the form of Anubis, with magic runes on his skin, glowing with both holy and black magic.

Azenaths desire to rule grew with his newfound power, he used his magic to lift his Pyramid to float above the earth, away from mankind and in the heavens, where he believed he belonged as a God.

but soon, Azenath learned of a warlord who yearned for control of the world he believed he was destined to Rule, he would build an Army and meet this “Gargos” in battle.

…to be continued.

His playstyle would be very Chaotic with his magic, he could create portal traps that can recapture the opponent, as well as being able to use them himself to quickly teleport to that spot, he can create blades of pure light energy or dark energy from his spear, and able to give him temporary buffs, but due to the chaotic nature of his power, doing so also gives him a temporary nerf (similar to Shulk in ssb)

Combo Trait: Light and Darkness

Azenaths combo trait gives him access to an alternate type of Shadow move, during the start-up of a Shadow move, if you HOLD DOWN two punches/kicks, instead of emitting shadow, he will gleam with Light and perform an alternate varient of whatever Shadow move you attempt. Difference between Shadow and Light moves, SHADOW moves are more chaotic and have a harder rhythm to break, but do minuscule amounts of damage, these moves are good for attempting to lock out your opponent, LIGHT moves do much greater damage, but at the cost of being easily breakable, about as easy as Sabrewulfs Shadow Leaping Slash.

Instinct Mode: My Destiny

In instinct, the magic runes on his body glow brightly, and all of his magic powers (portals, etheral blades, and teleportation) are increased, the blades reach are longer, the portals are wider, and he can special cancel his teleportation, but with a downside, when his instinct depletes, hes given 6 seconds of even smaller blades, smaller portals, and more recovery frames on teleport.

Intro Quote: You dare provoke me?..you’re either brave, or foolish…

Outro Quote: When a God speaks…Heed him! throws spear into opponent



Looks like Anubis and I like it.

awesome idea…sounds a little like kan ra in a way…i like the gameplystyle u gave himim up for it

nice stuff, man

For anyone curious, the armor in the picture is (probably) from the Monster Hunter mod since it’s directly copied from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The armor is called Helios Z there is also a white version called Helios X.

Just a fun fact I guess.

Also, Monster Hunter is amazing.

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Spear/Staff design

The staff in essence is still the Spear of Destiny, just in a new form, in which the Metal of the spear head split apart and orbits a small core of magic energy and emits a strange combination of holy and black magic

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Really cool character concept idea. Overall I like it very much already


Stage Concept: Pyramid of Creation

The interior of Azenath’s pyramid in which hes made his “palace”, complete with Golden statues that sit as idle guards, and in the middle lies a small stairway to the magic Siphon he had created to draw in magical energy. (The entire concept is inspired and a throwback to a previous rareware game, Donkey Kong Country 2, the stage known as “Krocodile Kore”, will post picture to show general idea)

Ultra effect: The siphon becomes unstable and begins s u c k ing in anything around it and causes the pyramid to fall apart quite a bit, revealing the deserts and ancient structures of egypt in the background and a solar eclipse forming over the land.

Stage Ultra: activated in the middle of the stage, the Siphons instability causes the opponenet to be knocked into it by several pieces of debris, as the opponent enters the siphon, they begin looking at their arms noticing that they’re quickly being converted into pure energy and absorbed by the siphon, as they scream in agony, the Absorption is complete and causes the Siphon to release a large burst of power, destroying it and all the walls in the stage, completely revealing the desert plains.

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Its been a while since this thread was touched, but I just wanted to thank you guys for the positive feedback, it makes me feel good about my Art and my overall creativity, you guys are the best

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New artwork of Azenath, courtesy of the talented @Ravan86


Wow, that looks great!

Update on Azenath, added his unique combo trait, “Light and Darkness” to the Original post, soon i will post a REVISED backstory for him, as I personally do not feel his backstory is…“KI” enough


Interesting idea. I like the idea of Anubis in KI, or even a creature like him, but the character here sounds like he has more to do with Set or Apep than Anubis. Anubis was actually a good guy, one of the kindest gods in Egyptian mythology, if not the kindest. The notion of him being evil is due to misconceptions brought on by Hollywood.

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