Organizing the Organizations

Okay so far, we have the following:
The Shadowlords
The Disavowed
The Night Guard
The Red Eyes of Rylai
The Monks of the Tiger
The Alliance of Worlds

Am I missing any that are in the (current) KI lore?

…and no, individuals with vendettas/schemes don’t count - they’re not organizations in of themselves. :wink:

This thread is to discuss these particular organizations, who’s associated with them, their overall goals/plans, what you think might happen to them in the future, etc.

So, let’s start with which 1 is your favorite and why? Please vote and explain in your response below.

@Rukizzel and @CStyles45 - would 1 of you be so kind as to add a poll for the above question to this thread, and then delete this paragraph? Please, and thank you. :smiley:


Orchid’s organization? Does that count?

That would be The Disavowed, I believe. :wink:


In my case I like already ALL of these organizations in the overall current KI lore and universe including the aforementioned Shadow Lords :grin: :wink:

I like the Shadowlords. They’re just cool I guess.

Ultratech. Why? Well I think the company and it’s motives are interesting. Its the prime example of something that, while has seemingly good intentions, just goes about it in such terrible ways that they become the villains. Ryat (and ARIA) based on what I have read want(ed) to uplift the human race; to end disease, famine, poverty, etc.

I mean thats awesome, right? How could a company with those goals be bad? Oh wait, they create fighting robots, raptor warriors, experiment on people with alien DNA , ally with ruthless spider women, and unleash centuries old evil sorcerers lol

I think UT and ARIA are interesting. Obviously her and UT are doing some really terrible and messed up things, but its apparently for the good of the human race to ARIA lol it kind of brings forth that “Isn’t losing 100 ok when you end up saving 1,000,000?” debate I guess. (For the record I don’t condone what ARIA and UT do btw :laughing:)

Lastly, UT is such a huge part of KI. Just about every character has some sort of connection to it in one way or another, and they are responsible for some of KI’s most iconic characters! Ultratech is like KI’s Umbrella Corporation…its a bad bad organization, but at the same time I can’t help but not hate it just because KI wouldn’t be KI without it.

I wanna hear more about these Shadow Lords.


Well, you’ll have to wait until S3. :wink:

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Burn the hereti- I mean defects… Ultratech is master ra-- company!

why is there no robot emoji

:frowning: yea, still would be nice to have some back story about them.

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I’m Shadow Lords and Ultra Tech all the way! Destroy the good guys and all of humanity!!!

Just curious but where do the King’s factor in? The king that Aganos worked for. Does his little group count? Kan-Ra’s betrayal group?

I actually did consider them, but as of right now, they are an as yet unnamed group, if they can even be considered a group at all (since they’re long gone, as far as we know, at this point).

Fair point. Possibly they can come back? Oh well.

Sadira’s clan is the Red Eyes of Rylai.

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Good 1! I’ll be sure to add them. :wink:

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As well as the Monks of the Tiger for Jago and the Alliance of Worlds for Glacius :wink:

Now we’re getting somewhere. Are those official names from the bios, fanatic?

EDIT: Yep, just did a fact check. :slight_smile:

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And you’re absolutely correct on that too, yes :smile: