Orchid's Ultimate/Fatality ( Animation)

Didn’t feel like using SabreWulf as the dummy this time. Felt like using an MK character, since Boon never emailed me an Injustice 2 Beta code. This was my first time trying to animate an animal, so her cat came out, as a cute little Kitten. Was too cute to change it, so I left it like that. Plus I thought it was funny Enjoy!



Nice one

A Killer Fatality indeed, yes. That’s what I called an Ultimate Combo too :wink: :slight_smile:

Funny, but too gory for my taste.

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Dude, freaking brutal. I love it.

LOL, BRUUUUH. Those visuals though :smirk:

Whats wrong?

Nothing, well animated I was just remarking the jiggling features lol.

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…interesting positions during that last grab when the cat bit her head off…



Although if my idea for riptors ultimate involving a flailing body hanging out of her mouth is deemed “too violent” this one may have the same problem.

This would be for MkxKI

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Ahh OK. Then on that note it kicks all kinds of a$$

That’s why I shifted the camera away. That animation loops… Lol

Considering animating Kameo’s moveset. I’m telling you she would be perfect. I don’t care if she resembles Orchid or not. That pummel wheel uppercut launcher. Plus whatever crap from the game she turns into.