Orchid's shadow upper cat break

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So, CrazySkateNate found out Orchid could safely (like a cat?) break out of any ground combo using the correct button strength (as usual) and adding the Shadow Air Buster / Upper Shadow Cat for extra damage (plus it works too when the opponent goes for a counter breaker). I’ve been getting a lot of grief online for using it, therefore I just blame Nate of course.

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Also, it’s probably something people already know, but Orchid can cancel the Air Buster into a firecat, like so:


Very cool. So basically, any Breaker, instead of resetting to neutral, immediately allows you to go on the offensive?

And for your second post, you’re cancelling Air Buster in it’s Shadow version, yes?

If anyone’s giving you grief, that’s on them. It’s new tech in the game that’s there to stay unless it gets patched out (unlikely at this point). People will need to learn to deal.

That’s right, it doesn’t reset to neutral, and it adds damage, so it can be quite useful in tight situations.

As for the second thing, yes it’s cancelling the Air Buster into the shadow air buster, or the shadow blockade runner. It has to be done quickly on contact though.

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