Orchid's Outro

How long is poor Orchid going to be flushing out Ultratech for? One can only flush for so long!

I would suggest keeping the exact same outro animation, but changing a few words around. This would be a quick simple fix.

I would suggest she now says something like: "One step closer to bringing down Ultratech! " It’s a simple fix, with the same amount of syllables and would work within the character.

Does anyone else think they should update her outro? If so, what do you think it should be?


Q: How many steps does it take to get to the center of Ultratech?
A: Redacted.


Lol You do make a valid point. The current outro does sound silly, like something someone thought would sound badass but didn’t really say it out loud until it was in the game. Nice alternative btw

I’d be all for at least 2 outros per character, or maybe at least change the dialog, as with MKX.