Orchid's Name

I always assumed Orchid was just a code name. Is this true? And if it is, what’s her real name?

Read through her backstory and find out

I’m confused. I read the thing, and as far as I can tell, it just says her name is Orchid. Am I missing something? It doesn’t say otherwise

Well if we were to go by the original KI, Orchid’s real identity is a secret even to herself.
Of course, maybe giving her a name would’ve gone against her secret agent style or…something
Honestly I thought that backstory would give more answers.

Yeah, in the original KI “Black Orchid” was just her code name. They never cared to give her a real name as far as I know.

@rukizzel well, care to comment?

Not sure what is so confusing. It is all explained in her bio.

When Orchid joined the KI tournament to find out what happened to Eagle, she took the name “Black Orchid”.

“After Eagle was reported killed in the tournament, she took on the persona of Black Orchid, and entered the tournament herself in the hopes of finding out what happened to the young fighter.”


I know that. I’m not asking if her name is Orchid or not. I’m asking what her real name is. Hoping to get a dev to say.

Ahhh, alright then. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Patricia . Lol

Her real name doesn’t really matter, to be honest. It’s a piece of information that won’t really add to her character at all, imo.

Real names add nothing to Maya or TJ Combo, but we still know them.

Orchid’s name can be Wanda or Roxy understanders will understand.