Orchids grenade?

Maybe a stupid question. But why doesn’t orchids grenade affect her like arbiters grenade affects him? Don’t know if this had been asked or explained before. Cheers from adrunkhalfbreed!

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Because balance. Orchid’s grenade isn’t as good as Arbiter’s on hit.

I get that. Just seems weird since its enough to affect her opponent but not her. It would really change her game play if she had to wait like the arbiter does. She’s got no armor to go thru it.

I also seems weird that a character like Kim Wu can lift and trow a character like Aganos, or that Orchid can even fight an alien from Halo, or that a big blue cloud like Omen can be hit, or that Glacius doesn’t melt when fighting Cinder, or the fact that there can be mirror matches, or that a big green frog can dance that well, or the, the thing with …

… actually, a lot doesn’t make sense in KI when you really look at -\ :confused: /- oh well…

(just kidding, not trying to be mean)

Because grenades in the KI universe can identify who threw them and avoid hitting them with the explosion. Halo grenades have no such technology and can damage their user.


^ This, that’s the fighters and shooters difference lol =)
I was going to write the same

My theory is that they’re flashbang grenades and that Orchid is actually blind.
If the old games are anything to go by, blinding herself is the only way Orchid can get dressed in the morning without killing herself with her own breasts.
It would also explain why she ends every fight convinced she’s flushing out Ultratech, even when Ultratech has already made their big reveal… Or she’s fighting her brother :laughing:

Edit: She even has a Seeing-Eye animal with her firecat. This just keeps getting deeper