Orchid's Entire Theme (Lyrics from Ali E Herself)

So, I had to know her full theme lyrics, including the really rare parts. So I contacted the singer herself on Twitter! She was kind enough to link and list her full theme lyrics for me including the parts that don’t play on the official track at all!

And so, here they are! My curiosity is now sated.

Touch Me and I’ll Break Your Face - Orchid Lyrics

(Verse 1) Shut your mouth and open your eyes I’ve got Firecat kicks and they come in disguise
Been attacked all jacked and smacked
Had my eye on you before you thought to act
Look out fool ‘cause you’ll never see me coming, ■■■■■!
Ah, so you better get to runnin’ Come on, kick it, kick it!

I’ve been doing this from dawn and back again
Always for the win not even gonna pretend
Listen this is war, you are gonna hit the floor
Be blastin’ like, blastin’ like, blastin’ like ma-or-or(Altered line, used to be “blastin’ like a hurricane still givin you mo-o-ore”)

(Chorus) I… I’m watching every move you make
Look out I’m gonna knock you down
I… I know you wanna survive your life
But I ain’t gonna let you 'cause
This life is right in front of me
You think you can beat me but now you’ll see
I don’t really wanna let you live baby
You come around, I’ll knock you down
Touch me and I’ll break your face!

(Verse 2) I’m hard, I’m fast, I’m a bona fide killer
Don’t think it’s a whir when you hear me stir
Cause that’s just my trigger (turn it up)
Please man, I’m outta your league
You know its game on when you’re coming at me
No mercy, got no mind for it
But rest assured you’re gonna beg for it

Steady your composure
No crying when it’s over
Standing up straight brushing dust off my shoulders
Shut your mouth and open your eyes
I got Firecat kicks and they come in disguise

Additional verses: (Not heard on official track)

Never gonna break me, never gonna shake me
Show me what you got, I’m puttin’ you on the spot
No doubt, I’m in overdrive
24/7 keepin’ it loud and live

Don’t be vexed when I offer no quarter,
Beaten down bloody, life expectancy shorter
Gotta be tough if you wanna survive
Livin’ through adrenaline is how I thri-i-ive

Better start observin’, full-on immersion,
learnin’ from the master live and in person…
Standin tall on top, bringin’ it non-stop
Gotcha feelin gotcha feelin gotcha feelin I-I-I… (Another altered line, used to be “Got you feelin it when you hear these beats drop”)


Orchid theme best theme.

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Best theme and best stage.

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Totally agree.
I just don’t like her stage. I miss the cityscape rooftop stages from the past two games. I usually play this theme while on Combo’s stage and just pretend it is Orchid’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not the best, but one of my favorites for sure. Top 4

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I need to do that too. I keep forgetting to select a theme song on character select.

Orchid’s new theme AND Ali Edwards FTW! Epic win too!

The FULL lyrics to Orchid’s new theme: Double epic win! FTW too!

Overall these are epic wins! :grinning: :sunglasses:


Cool man! I’ve spoken to Ali Edwards on Twitter! A genuine woman as well as great lyricist! Now we need to upload it to a lyric site for everyone who wants to know can find!


I see a lot of people really like orchids theme. I’m probably the only one that doesn’t care for it lol

I feel like this and TJ’s theme really are some of the better themes not just due to their musical composition but due to the fact that the singers add so much more umph to it.


Couldn’t agree more. The singers give the characters personality and energy, and Ali Edwards and Omega Spark really do a great job of representing the characters!


Very fitting for Orchid, if I do say so myself. She’s just that fierce, and she’s never been anybody’s fool. That was really kind of the singer to give you that information! What’s her Twitter name?

I’m only recently new to the forums and am going to be getting this game soon.

I miss the arcade version of this game where I live. I had a friend in the old days who could stomp anyone with Orchid! It’s because of him that I came to like her so much.

I’d love to hear the song if I can find it beforehand - what’s the singer’s name?

P.S. Eddie says hi.


Twitter name: @Ali_Edwardz
Singer’s/Vocalist’s name: Ali Edwards

Here you go and may you enjoy listening to Orchid’s new theme now :wink: :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

Sweet!!! Thank you so much, I’m heading in to listen to them right now! Much appreciated!

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You’re very welcome and no problem at all, my long-time fellow KI fan :slight_smile:

Wow, really neat!

Hey I’m new too! :grin:

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LOL Awesome! Nice to meet a new friend!

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Breast theme… i mean… beast theme…

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