Orchid's Double Ultra all stages pt.3 has been cancelled

due to the recent updates, Any chance of me performing Orchid’s double ultra with no instinct for season 3 has been completely butchered. i honestly wish she had a true recapture so i can do season 3 without a hitch. Part 2 wasn’t as hard, but some of the characters i can’t it on for season 3 like Arbiter, General RAAM, or even Gargos, even worse there are less stages. I hope Iron Galaxy can do something about it and revive all chances for pt. 3

I understand your annoyance of this, but giving her a recapture just for the sake of multiple ultras is not really a valid reason. There’s still the overall balance you need to think about.


I thought her throw was supposed to recapture now? That’s why it is breakable. Coulda swore that is what was said in the stream.

Yeah but that’s only if you do a raw air throw for the recapture. The OP suggested for her to have a recapture to do in-combo.

An in-combo air throw ground bounces, raw air throw recaptures. Its breakable now because it can be juggled off of.

Ah I got that part, I thought it actually recaptured in combo, you used to always be able to juggle off it, just smaller ones not like now where you can play foot ball.

Exactly. It was minimal juggles before but now that longer juggles are available, it hardly seems fair to leave it unbreakable.

Yeah but they don’t cash out for much. I wouldn’t risk it on a counter breaker. Kinda like Fulgore juggles. Cool to have anti air combos, low damage potential.

It seems the shadow energy fills too quickly-

Kinda glad the bug is fixed with this, its a bit all over the place IMO

Wait why even have parts if all of part 1 is in the part 2 video? It’s kind of redundant.

it shows what happened last time from part on before moving onto part to