Orchid's back story : could you do better?

SO guys the back stories are almost all out! The original cast is out and that roster is obviously the most sensertive in terms of classic characters.

What do you think?

I hated thunders and orchids was just OK. Jagos ive half forgotten but Sadiras i LOVED! Wulfs was good if not a tiny bit thin.

These are just my opinions personally i think i could fo better lol :wink: :smile: controversy haha

Do they tick all your boxes?

Think you could do better? Re-write your own here :smile:

Nah, they tick all my boxes. :wink:


Considering the old bios were wafer thin these are practically in depth novels.
I think they do there job nicely.
People are always gonna think they could do better.

Wanda what would your bio for orchid r thunder be?
Would like to hear your version

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Gaz ill do one. I cant say everyone will love it but thats taste.

The old bios were thin i agree but they were also mega thin on street fighter 2 but the right choices were made to create 3 amazing animated movies and a great string of Udon comics :smile:

I think its just connecting the pieced nicely and capturing the essence of the character.

For me orchids was too military based. MEH!

Ill write mine quite different :smile: ur all hate it but hey it will give a different perspective.

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Galactic you cant find them perfect! Lol

There must be somthing… :wink:

Considering her training I’d say the military direction was the way to go. Explains her outfit 2 lol.
Those sf films are they cannon or just storied to make a film??
If a company made an animated KI film they could have the same freedom to elaborate.
Old orchid was just a spy in an inappropriate tight outfit(not very practical or stealthy either) killing people with her ■■■■■ for answers lol.

They could be better no doubt. That being said, what we have is pretty good.

  • Orchid’s and Sadira’s were the best hands down. Whatever your opinion of the content itself, they were objectively the most well written ones, and now since them, the others could definitely do with some updating.

  • Jago’s in particular is pretty sparse. Skipping over his training; him just running to the hills seemingly out of the blue; a lot happened to him, but they never really went into it…especially when you compare it to Sadira and Orchid, and even Thunder’s. Of them all, his was the shortest, albeit his was the first.

  • Sabrewulf’s was pretty good, except for the grammar and structure, but it was much like Jago’s where it was sparse in some areas. Of them all, this one was the hardest to read IMO.

  • I like Glacius’s, though there were some grammar/structural issues that also made this one hard to read.

So yeah, many of them read like average fan fiction to a degree, rather than edited and produced works of fiction. When I read Mortal Kombat bios I don’t get what I get from these KI bios, but they have been doing this for years/decades. That being said, these KI bios have been getting better, which I whole heartedly appreciate and respect. That is mainly why I wish / hope that they go back and refresh the others. It is clear that they have been learning and improving as they go on.

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Thats my problem it writes off the old KIs. Why cant she have gone feom international spy to gorilla warfare urban soldier?

So before she was this rough nut job with nothing to loose she was a slick and sophisticated spy with the ability to extract the most sensertive information?

I know we are explaining what we are seeing now but we can i think be clever about it.

And SF its all cannon the 3 films are pretty much bang on.

Thin isn’t always bad, as it leaves a lot to the imagination. IMO it more has to do with context and structure, as well as what content is portrayed. Those SF movies and comics, those ADDED a lot to the universe that wasn’t there before, on top of hitting what was there. IMO that is what the Orchid bio did the best. They hit everything with that one, but also added / rounded out the lore in many unexpected ways.

IMO the best FG bios come from the MK games, but those too, all the MK bios, were pretty thin. The original KI bios were much the same as those, but these expanded KI bios are trying to thread some middle ground between “thin” and “detailed”. It is a hard road to navigate, but IMO they are getting better at telling the story they want to tell. All I ask for is consistency, and I hope that they all are at the same level when it is all said and done.


I kind of don’t understand your issue with her bio. It “writes of old KI bios”…? What do you mean?

And none of the SF films are canon. They are all licensed works that are not a part of the official SF canon as of yet…if they ever will be. Not even the Udon comics, as good as they are, are canon.

I think bios are hard to talk about and rate…

For me these are more about the lore and as a set they are for me not clever enough to incorporate past easter eggs and past lore while updating it and adding light and shade.

As bios they are OK but setting new lore for me they fall a bit flat.

I agree manga added to the lore of street fighter. But why havent the past KI games and the comics added to this new lore? Yes some of that was terrible but allot of it was useable in the right or updated context.

Manga and udon never started again with street fighrer. They took the obvious and they elevated it to a more professional level.

In regards to MK im not a fan of MK story. I love the game but in terms of credible content for me its not as coherent as SF but its still good.


Who cares about cannon. Each game tells a simular story with a twist. So sf ending is cannon and super isn’t? What did chun li decide? It really doesnt matter becusse each game something new but very simular will happen.

All i know is the community, manga and udon added so many dimensions to street fighter. Some of witch has effected street fighters story (or cannon) if you will.

The problem with orchid back story is that its not very exciting. Its all about her dad who i know nothing about. Meh… why her dad? Why is she bow chun li? Did we run out of ideas?

I just didnt love it and for me it missed out allot of what she was and replaced it with what we think she is now… meh!

Id need to write my own :smile: ud hate it but it would incorporate her history and what we thought she used to be.

Wanda pls… pritty pls

LOL @Marbledecker its Meh

Daddy and anger issues do me a favor lol.

That’s like every Korn album every made :sunglasses:

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Darling marble what part of orchid says Korn to you?

Do you love it?

I hear you. I guess this is just a personal preference thing.

The old KI comics are pretty much exactly what the old MK (Malibu) comics were. The old KI team had no input in those old comics, much like how the old MK team had no input on the old MK Malibu comics. As far as the story goes, they pretty much took parts of the old lore, and did what ever they wanted. The were horrible in how poorly they were written, but also they just had nothing to do with actual team who created the source material.

To go further though, wtth this new KI, they are just going in a new direction, so the OG comic stuff just doesn’t fit. That being said, they are leaving the story somewhat open at this moment with all the talk of “the first” KI tournament…then again, I guess the OG lore did much the same.

On the other hand, the new Udon SF comics, and the new DC MK comics, work and focus on being consistent with the current canon lore, and make sure to only add things that are consistent with the already constructed world. There is a big difference there. The comics are playing off the games, rather than the games playing off the comics.

Again, I guess this is personal preference.

IMO her backstory was about “her backstory,” and fleshing out who she is/was, and why she is the way she is now. Her dad played a major role in her life, and I think that is a pretty good / important detail, albeit cliché. I mean sure they could have JUST talked about her service record, but honestly they talked about “her” more specifically, taking into account just about everything, which IMO is arguably a better tactic.

When I read her bio, I got less of a Chun Li thing, and more of a Sonya Blade thing, but Orchid’s is more fleshed out than Sonya if you ask me. IDK. I like the approach.

I guess I just don’t agree with / know what your interpretation of who Orchid was back in the day. All we / I know is that she was a bad ■■■ spy who took down / was strong enough to take down Eyedol, and that seems to be who she is today, even though she never fought / took down Eyedol. In fact we know now that she is the leader of her own organization, with her own subordinates, and that she is still a serious badass.

Regardless, IMO Orchid taking down Eyedol (alone) was always a big plot hole that could only be explained by adding in more lore…but whatever, they didn’t take it in that direction. IDK. I’m partial to the OG stuff, but I acknowledge that some parts weren’t well done, and I respect (now) the idea of starting over. When the new KI first was announce, I was looking forward to “KI3” and the continuation of the story, but now since we know that this new KI is a “new KI,” I guess I’m more flexible about what we are being given.

FYI: If you wrote something KI story related, I’d read it, and hopefully would love it! The more KI lore the better, even if it isn’t canon. As long as it is written well, and makes sense, I’m sure it would be a great read.

If i wrote all the backstories for the Killer instinct Characters I guarantee you I would ruin Ki.

Heck I did a fan-writing for spinal trying incorporate Kim wu’s ancestors and some Mushrooms that made him spinal. MUSHROOMS!

I’m awful at this but that doesn’t mean I can’t try lol.

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Hehe, now I have an Orchid montage in my head, to the tune of “Ball Tongue”.

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I agree with everything you say BUT in short these are my sore point

  1. Somtimes the less you know the more intreeting it is. Back stories are awesome but this one was way too long it was fall of salt.

  2. Why does her father have to be her focus. How obvious? Yes he could have been murdered yes maybe he was a spy but why the massive achor? Its irrelivant.

  3. All of orchids finess has been eradicated. Shes now a street rat and a tomboy. What about her agiuilty? Her flips her flick flack? Where is her slickness. Where is her infiltration? I can understand shes different NOW but NOW we are at WAR, back then we were just about to start one?

  4. I can no longer see orchids brain. Lol shes an angry child someone whos a brawler who jumps on before she knows what shes doing. Why is it so important to make her so agressive. Surely intergence (with a resistence) is more dangerous than a gritty street kid?

  5. Her cat power comes from her gran who was experimented on in the war and that anger brought it out…jesus she dounds like Avrial Lavine lol SO ANXST. How about orchid stole tech from ultra tech over years creating or having her resistence create weapons sophosticated enough to become the ace card against Ultra techs weapons when the time was right? Maybe her battons are part of this? The ability to engulf herself or conjure plasma in any forum through mind tech. But later to find she no longer needed it? That the power became hers as the technology synced with her.

  6. Orchid can shoot and run and be a tough mother f***er. But how does that take down a company like ultra tech? No gorilla amry is strong enough to overthrow a huge military private company…the new orchid must be pretty dam stupid. Political movements, mainstream bad exposure and inside intelligence OR sabotage brings down an establishment NOT anger or guns… i dont care if she can snipe lol

  7. Her spy background was over in a blink of a eye. She was “reckless agreasive with information” she got caugh? Oh do me a favour. Orchid is so covert and clever she could have been the chairmans PA and he wouldnt have know UNTILL it was time to attck from the inside. YES in the game shes been found out YES shes on the run YES shes more military but why was that the BIGGEST part of her BACK story? The back story is what exactly she got OUT of ultra tech. What ahe knows that we dont thats orchids real power over them…not if she can punch

  8. Fulgore killed her dad and one of her first recuirts Eagle… WHY would it have anything to do with her? Why would eagle go to orchid for counci but not his brother or his elders? lol. The guy has his own thing and his own story. Wouldn’t it have been better for an undercover orchid (a clever one) to have set up the 1st KI tournement in such a way so that Eagle defeated who she needed to take out without him even knowing he was doing it? Subsiquently getting him l murdered and feeling the consiquences in war?

  9. Her brother jay-go. ORLY lol. No sorry Jago this aint your story boi. That was last week lol. Instead of picking up a few journals and reading of him why couldnt she have gained intel on him while inside ultratech. Maybe he has a simular birth mark? Or an ultra rare type of blood? Maybe she put two and two together knowing that she had a twin or a brother out there. His background, location, name, came together to make her look further into him? Maybe this is what got her caught…the possibility he was her brother the possibility of familly?

  10. Why was there so many departments of whatever in this story that i dont care about? Weaver and her dad… who…? Why did we have to go deep into relationships that we dont care about or have no creidble backing?

We really could have left it at her parents being murdered at a young age due to their involvement in ultra techs biggest competitors… maybe they were scientists on the verge of a break through? maybe thats why Jago and Orchid are powered? all stuff we dont know but leave so much room for scope?

Maybe orchid could remember a time together as super young children but were split and sent away hours before the masicar took place at their home? Orchid sent to one remote place but never getting out of the states due to Ultra Tech being on her tail and Jago to another? Jago obviously being luckier and managing to get to the remote temple city.

They could have been taken by IRobots kinda units (designed by their parents) that then the children were delivered destructed or in Orchids case making sure she was safe in the USA and formating a plan B by itself.

Maybe Orchid was rasied by the robot in awful urban sercumstances adding to her durability and hard edge, growing up undercover in ultra techs shadow she saw their injustice. She also could have learnt from the rapidly ageing AI robot adding to her natural intelegence before it degraded to such a level that she was left with nothing but a memory of a sibling a loose plot to why her familly were killed.

All in all i say MAYBE allot because i dont love what we have now…

This isnt my story its a loose outline ill write the whole thing properly when i get time. I dont expect people to love it but at least it used old orchid with new orchid nothing is wasted.

The whole dad flying to pakistan iraq etc bloody hell how UN SIFI CAN YOU GET… you might say well if orchids American and Jago is asian hpw could they be twins???

Well their parents are scientists maybe their mother was asian and their father American? Maybe their breakthrough was from DNA not natural to our earth maybe thats why jago is connected to gargous… a fusions of ancient discovered DNA and their own as a couple AND MAYBE thats why aria hated it.

Because I would assume to be a spy would need a hell of a lot of Military training and experience… you don’t just wake up and be a spy… you can but I would imagine you would be dead pretty quick

Tell that to catwoman.

Honest dude read it all. Before you add that :smile:


  • orchid is gifted due to experiment that we dont know

  • becuase she was raised in the shadow running.

  • becuase a AI raided her in her younger years. An ai created by SUPER INTELEGENCE scientists (their family)

  • Because all she has know is the fear of ultra tech. And the whole life she has studdied them. She knows everything.

  • becuase shes agile itelegent and gorgeous. Shes tough but also a manipulator and becuase her whole life has JUST been this.

Thats better than any Military guys. did Ripley or Sarah Connor have military training? :slight_smile: nope! Its not the whole story that’s my problem lol