Orchid will steal your Dark Heart


I love this meme, I love Persona 5, I love Orchid, and I love that you made this.

All the love to you! <3

Edit: Also, I love how the menu kinda erupts from her butt! XD

I’m done the sword thing with her butt XD

You just reminded me I haven’t played a single fighting game since getting Persona 5 last week. o.O

Sometimes being a Japanese schoolboy is more fun than punching people in the face…

Okay, I bite: While it looks quite amusing I don’t seem to get the joke nor that meme :confused:

You know… in some fighting games you can be a Japanese schoolboy who punches people in the face…
Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s from the game Persona 5. Play it, and you’ll know. It’s good. ^^