Orchid vs. Jago - Help With Block String Defense

I main Orchid, been playing her since release, and I’m a competent fighter who can usually go toe-to-toe with high-level Jagos. I often win no problem against jump-back Jagos, turtles, fireball-heavy, and double spin-kick abusers.

But when it comes to block string Jagos, I get ruined. Jago is so safe and positive on block, and his block string setups into high/low guessing games routinely destroy me.

Any advice for a seasoned Orchid player? What are my options other than shadow counters?

Keep them at bay…dont let them get close. I dont use Orchid so i cant help you there. But as an Omen player I use hvy round house to keep them back and then slide under any fireballs.

try to bait them to jump to you and then anti air them with buster or whatever works best

If they get close…get away fast!

Wait he has good high low mixup games in block strings? Just block low. See an overhead? It is slow enough for you to block high. Also block and build meter for a shadow counter.

Orchid has a good backdash, maybe you can wait for a laser sword or double roundhouse and dash out after blocking that? You could also try DPing here, though it’s probably more risky. If they’re doing a lot of MK xx laser sword, you could also predict it and shadow counter, but this is probably more difficult; and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend shadow countering more jab-driven pressure, since if he trips it with a light button or a close MK then he’s probably going to be able to block your shadow counter.

You could also just wait for pushback to do its work – Jago isn’t Riptor, his frame traps will push you away and he basically has to do a double roundhouse if he wants to get back in again whilst keeping at frame advantage (which you can shadow counter on reaction if you have bar). Keep in mind that at the edge of his range when you think it’s over he might be able to extend his pressure with something like HP xx endokuken (and his overhead will hit at that range too), although one of Orchid’s great medium normals might be able to blow up both this and a possible double roundhouse for all I know.

Other stuff you can incorporate includes late throw-teching (teching late enough that you’ll be in blockstun if Jago presses a button so that nothing will happen, but if a throw comes instead you’ll tech it – but this can require that you know the previous move so you don’t attempt to tech when not in blockstun by mistake, which might not be reactable), and anticipating a throw attempt and jumping to beat it (since the worst that can happen is that you take minor damage into soft knockdown, and if you’re right you open Jago up).

Truth is, though, that Jago’s frame trap game is meant to give you trouble, because it’s basically the main cornerstone of Jago’s gameplan. It’s probably something you want to avoid where you can – which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t practice defending against it, because you definitely should aim to minimize your disadvantage when you’re on the back foot – but you’re going to fare better if your approach leaves you at frame disadvantage in front of Jago even a little less often.

This is fantastic advice. Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.