Orchid Ultras

Idk about you guys, but I was disappointed Iron Galaxy patched this. I would love if I could do ultra, then instinct plus firecat to ultra ender then ultra combo and repeat this a certain amount of times. It was very rewarding to do this since not many could do this, I never seen any Orchid player do this during my online matches.

You are the worst kind of player on these forums.


You will never see another person do this online because you wasted literally one whole minute doing an ultra combo for no reason. That is longer than most matches take.

I’m glad they patched this. There is no reason to add to the salt pile for a whole minute.


I agree, if i lose i just want to get to the next fight, not see a silly double tripper whateverple ultra. When i end someone with an ultra i cash it in right away. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


I wanna know what’s the point of doing more then one ultra? It loses it’s cool factor when done more then once in a match.

I still think the ultra combo system needs a complete overhaul.

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No thanks… rather the matches stay focused on the 2 player action instead of showing how awesome your technique is to someone that isnt fighting back.Triple ultras are for ppl that get beat so often they feel the need to have revenge but take it out on their next win of a lower caliber player.

If you do it to a player thats a total A-hole…awesome…but to just do it and take the fun out of a good match… nah.

Yeah… No. If they are like TJs old Stage Ultra glitch where all it did was add oomph to the hits and so on then sure. But 7-8 ultras so someone can do it following a plethora of teabags then leave… No thanks.

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Only time it’s fun to do that is when you’re fighting against a CPU.

Just remember that there’s a difference between styling and wasting time.

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But…it’s not even styling to begin with…

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Yeah, as everyone has already said - no…

It’s 1 thing to do a really cool-looking and stylish ultra that lasts a long time, but there’s 2 problems with the above video: 1) it’s very repetitive and does the same thing over and over again, which makes it rather boring, and 2) it’s way too long, no matter how you look at it, which when paired with #1 just means that you’re wasting your time, your opponent’s time, and our time for asking us to watch it. So, thanks for that, but um… No thanks.

It isn’t but it’s just that the OP said it as if it was. My bad if I didn’t put my post well enough to tell that.

dude, i feel your pain, when i did the quad ultra’s with orchid, i got a lot of attention for it. but now i dont have it anymore, not only that but my pt. 3 of doing orchid’s double ultra wth no instinct has become completely either destroyed or become even more challenging because i can’t land it on Arbiter, General Raam, or even Gargos


Even i think that’s excessive.