Orchid Ultimate

I don’t think I’ve seen this before so here it is.
A glitch I like to do that ends up looking like a cheap ultimate. It only works on stages with stage ultra.
It’s just a cancel of ultra into stage ult.

Doesn’t affect gameplay so I hope they don’t remove it.



So how Do you do it?
I’ve done the double firecat ender, two are in my replays… :heart_eyes:

Lol I’ve done this by accident before I think it looks pretty cool. hopefully they let us keep it

1 - Do the ultra and make sure the health bar goes away.
2 - Go into instinct.
3 - immediately after instinct do the stage ult.

The cat from the instinct hits the opponent while the stage ult animation is starting.

It’s a little harder on combo’s stage since it’s in the corner and the cat takes a little longer to travel the screen.

I finally did it its on my replays

i honestly don’t think that could count as an ultimate, a glitch maybe, but not an ultimate