Orchid still strong?

Now I want to make this short because I want to sleep.Now after 3.7 dropped orchid did receive a nerf I believe some of her openers and enders damage where nerfed but I was training my orchid shadow and she does some good damage heck even her openers do some damage I am pretty happy she does a good amount of damage but she didn’t get nerfed as bad as people think.

The only nerfs she got were to opener Ichi Ni San and juggle Flick Flack. The buffs she got in return were pretty huge. Now her riskier openers deal significantly more damage.

She had some Risk-Reward tuning. Less damage on her mix ups and less ambiguous juggles, more damage on the stuff that leaves her open to punishes or easy Shadow Counters.

So the safer stuff is less strong, but now fortune may favor the bold.

Of course she’s second to Kim lol

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She’s still somewhat okay at best kinda overall despite her buffs and small nerfs. At least she has stuff in her package that is pretty very nice to have, a great reversal and normals, great AA’s and decent pressure, great walk speed, also great ender spectrum. Yes she is linear and lacks that BAM most KI cahracters have . At least she’s good for her archetype, it’s just that her archetype isn’t really in currently “in” and Kim Wu despite sharing a simailr niche has way more of a burst factor when ahead or behind as well as a better surprise factor and more flexbility.

Following up on my previous post she’s oh so so so so so linear in her gameplay that it’s basically a meme at this point. IG wants to improve her juggles and make it a big part of her kit but why would you juggle at all on Orchid really when there’s no incentive too since IG also nerfed it a lot of times. Do they want her to juggle or not because it’s kinda allover the place.

how can i say current state i don’t feel like orchid has recovery times also her hit boxes so broken like her grab and she has really huge damage after kim wu. flick flack counters dark rift its preatty lame on shago animation he hits her hands somehow her flick flack does damage i mean her flick flack not even touches shagos face. hit boxes lame.

This is because Flick Flack is a Low Crush. While she performs it she’s invulnerable to any attack that hits low, such as Shago Slide. There’s actually plenty of moves that have this effect, including Jago’s Windkick, Sabrewulf’s Leaping Slash, and Riptor’s Talon Rake just to name a few.

How would other orchid fans like to see her move set options

Say, if sometime in 2019 there is a new ki
Would you feel her current move set would be able to translate to the updated version